Downtown Subaru of Oakland is proud to have been a major sponsor of The TRAILHEAD Project, a documentary: Discovering Oakland's Gateway to the Redwoods, Dimond Park and the nature beyond

A celebratory profile of a relatively unknown urban gem, this film features Oakland's largest wildland trail system that connects the heart of Oakland to redwood forests and over five hundred miles of trails that span the entire East Bay. Trail users, historians, creek restoration experts, local merchants, and park volunteers are among those interviewed during a typical park day that begins at sunrise from the trailhead in Dimond Park, and concludes at sunset from a scenic, Joaquin Miller Park ridge overlooking downtown Oakland and San Francisco Bay. 

The opening Premiere at Chabot Space and Science Center was a fantastic evening. Our sales managers Dale Phipps and Meeran Gichki attended to let the film viewers check out the Subaru Outback and answer questions. Our GM, Mohammad Khan, Owner, Ralf Fattori and Business Manager Julie Sanchez attended as well. We were all so impressed with Stan's film. Stan made anyone who calls themselves an Oaklander proud of our city and its Parks which make this such a wonderful place to live and work.

Watch for the film to appear at local theaters for command performances. More info:

Ralf Fattori, Owner Downtown Subaru of Oakland
Julie Sancez, Business Manager
Mohammad Khan, General Manager
Stan Dodson, Executive Producer and Volunteer

 Stan Dodson - Executive Producer, Volunteer
Emily Fraser - Co-Director/Producer, Cinematographer, Editor
Henry Wiener - Co-Director/Producer, Cinematographer, Editor

Mohammad and Ralf enjoying the food and folks who are connected by the Oakland Parks and Trails.