We all know how important maintaining your oil is in a traditional and hybrid vehicle. When you don't perform proper and timely maintenance, you may cause damage to your internal engine components, decrease your vehicle's performance, and reduce your vehicle's lifecycle. The price of fixing the damage caused may be astronomical. But don't fret. Your friends at Downtown Subaru of Oakland, CA., serving the Bay Area and San Francisco, are here to help you determine when it's a good time to schedule your next oil change.

Learn What Signs Point to Your Vehicle Needing an Oil Change

Before you cruise through Oakland and Hayward, make sure that your vehicle is road-ready. If you notice any of the nine signs, it's probably time to schedule an appointment with Downtown Subaru of Oakland, CA., and get your oil changed.

  1. Excessive Vehicle Exhaust
  2. Decreased Oil Level
  3. Louder Engine Noise
  4. Irregular Oil Texture
  5. Low Oil Level
  6. You're Driving More Miles than Normal
  7. Persistent Check Engine Light
  8. Rocky or Shaking while Idling
  9. Ticking Noises when Starting Your Vehicle.