Our automotive technicians at Downtown Subaru of Oakland, CA, are committed to keeping each of our customers as safe as possible on the road this summer. Throughout the summer season in Oakland, scorching temperatures can take a serious toll on your Subaru. At the same time, you may be out enjoying all that the Bay Area offers to its residents. The last thing that you want is to contend with an unfortunate breakdown on a hot day. By showing your Subaru the attention that it needs today, you can reduce the possibility of dealing with many types of repair issues.

You may also protect your Subaru’s value and keep yourself and your passengers safer. Our technicians at our service center have the resources and expertise required to complete all recommended maintenance services that your Subaru will need this season and throughout its life.

Rotate the Tires

You understandably want to maximize the life of your Subaru’s tires. At the same time, you need to depend on your tires for traction, handling, and speed control. Rotating your Subaru’s tires regularly will reduce the risk of uneven tread wear and other types of damage. A tire rotation service at our dealership includes an air pressure check at our dealership near Hayward.

Inspect the Brakes

When is the last time your Subaru’s brakes were professionally inspected? The best time to replace brake pads is before they completely wear out. This can help you to stay safer behind the wheel, and it may prevent unnecessary damage to other braking system components. Whether an inspection reveals the need for new pads, brake fluid replenishment, or services for the drums and rotors, we will address all of those needs quickly so that you can get back behind the wheel of your Subaru.

Change the Oil

Changing the oil is one of the maintenance services that is required most frequently, and serious engine damage can occur if you do not complete this auto maintenance chore promptly. Clean engine oil effectively protects your vehicle from wear-related damage. The engine’s components are exposed to friction and heat, and the summer weather conditions in Oakland can place an additional burden on your engine. As clean oil runs through the engine, it mitigates the effects of heat and friction. It also collects dirt and other debris that may otherwise reduce the efficiency of the engine. Dirty oil, however, cannot perform these essential functions as well as necessary. If it has been more than a few months since your Subaru’s last oil change, now is the time to stop by for service.

Clean the Engine

Periodically, your engine should be flushed by our professional technicians. Dirty oil that is thick with gunk may not drain completely out of the engine during an oil change. An engine flush service removes the accumulation so that your Subaru’s engine can operate well throughout the summer and beyond.

Replace Essential Filters

When you drive your Subaru to our shop for summer maintenance service, we will happily replace all essential filters as needed. We will inspect the cleanliness of the fuel filter, the oil filter, the PCV filter, and the air filter. With quality parts available for immediate use, we can complete these tasks promptly at our dealership in the Bay Area.

Replace the Wipers

Winter months can be hard on wiper blades, but the wiper blades are a vital part of a safe driving experience throughout the year. We are happy to replace your wiper blades for you with quality replacements. This is a quick and easy way to ensure clear visibility out the windshield regardless of driving conditions.

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At our Subaru dealership, we take the hassle out of keeping your vehicle running well. To schedule service with our technicians for these services and to address your vehicle’s other current needs, call our office in Oakland today. Our expertly trained service technicians are here to help you get back on the roads of San Francisco. We look forward to working with you soon!

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