New Subaru Models Are Waiting For You

There are exciting developments in the Subaru world these days, especially when you focus on the additions to our 2018 Subaru model inventory, including the 2018 Subaru Forester. The exciting new Forester offers several additions, including LED Steering Responsive Headlights that help illuminate your turns for you by moving to the right or left. The same Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive that excited you in previous model years is still being offered, because Subaru knows that keeping you safe is a priority.

Speaking of safety, the Forester will also feature Blind Spot Detection, Rear-Cross Traffic Alert, and Rear-Vision Camera on select trim levels so you can have one less thing to worry about on your trip. In addition to these features, the Forester is remaining the same reliable and economical SUV that you have grown to love over the years. There are some pieces to the formula of success that you don’t mess with and Subaru knows what those are, which is why they’ve done such a great job on the Forester. Want to learn more? Visit us for a test drive.

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